Dads and Doula’s


The idea of having another person there with them during this very special experience might not sound very appealing to men but contrary to what most people believe dad’s and doula’s actually go very well together!

The evidence shows that men felt like they were better listened to, less overwhelmed, and generally more at ease when a doula was present at their births.

In my own personal experience, I’ve seen this over and over. I’ve found that the dad’s I come in contact with want to help but are so overwhelmed with the whole process that they just don’t know where to begin. A lot of the time they are even a tad bit terrified! They love it when I can gently direct them on how to effectively support their partner. It makes them feel useful which really helps them to relax more.

Many dads are great support all by themselves but if moms labor is really long or difficult he may need to take a break. They appreciate when I can give them the opportunity to grab a quick bite to eat, run and check on older siblings, or even take a quick nap. Ultimately dads and doula’s are a powerhouse together and mom gets the best support she could possibly have during labor!