Asante was great! She was incredibly professional and accommodating for my birth. When I needed her she was there at 10 at night & again 3 AM when I kicked into full on labor without hesitation. She’s a warm and gentle spirit I really enjoyed her doula services.


Asante (Sani), was absolutely amazing. From the start she was just an easy person to talk to and ask questions during pregnancy and as the days neared birth. I had two “false alarms” for labor and both times she was so supportive and never made me feel silly because I was a first time mom. Then when the time came for my active labor to begin, she was a trooper! Labor was 32hrs for me and she was amazing throughout! Sani stepped in gracefully when I needed her but knew to step back when I wanted my husband. She worked so well with my birth team and the support throughout labor felt seamless. My husband was so grateful for her as well! Being this the first time, he didn’t always know exactly what to do to support me. Sani not only supported me but supported him in how to help me. Looking back it was beautiful to see the process of having a doula…how Sani supported me heavily in the beginning but as it came time to push, my husband felt confident to recognize my needs and knew how to support me best as she stepped back to let him be there. Having a doula was one of the best things we could’ve done and Sani made my birth an exceptional experience!



Asante was such a wonderful support for me throughout my pregnancy and labor! She is friendly and personable, and I felt at ease with her from the moment I met her. I appreciated that she was able to connect with me as a Christian as well – we prayed together on several occasions and she asked several times how she could be praying for me and my family.  Asante’s  naturally calming presence and positive attitude were such an asset in the delivery room. I planned to get an epidural, but it ended up only working on the left half of my body…I was not prepared for this, and didn’t have very many “tools” in my tools box to deal with the pain. Asante was such a huge help in this aspect, talking me through the contractions and helping me to stay calm, relax, and breathe when I needed to. She was also very informed about the stages of labor, and I found it very helpful that she was able to tell me that, for example, the uncontrollable shaking I was experiencing was not only normal (which is all the nurses told me), but a sign that I was transitioning and close to being ready to push…just knowing that my body was getting ready was such an encouragement and motivation. Asante also made a helpful suggestion that I ask the nurse check my progress before I received a boost to try and “fix” my epidural. Sure enough, I was ready to push, and not having that epidural boost made my delivery go so much faster, for which I was beyond thankful. Asante was also a great support to my husband and sister, who were in the delivery room with me. She was a source of information and encouragemt for them as well, and she was able to balance supporting me while still allowing my husband and sister to play their roles in supporting me as well. Overall, I loved having Asante as my doula, and would recommend her to anyone looking for extra support for their next birth


Asante was such an amazing addition to our birth team. She was in constant contact with us leading up to the birth and still reaches out to us 2 months later. She was so supportive and calming during labor, and when I had to be rushed to the emergency room, she graciously stayed back with our 2 year old until my husband returned after 6 am…it was Christmas morning!

We are so grateful for her and would recommend her to others looking for a doula!


Sani was AMAZING! I was begging for an epidural and as soon as she got there I knew I was able to do it without one. She made my birth experience so much better than I thought it could be.


Asante made such a difference in my birth experience! Anyone who asks me, knows that my most recent birth (when Asante was my doula) was a dream come true! She was such a calming presence from the start. She was encouraging to both me and my husband. She took the time to learn what was important to me, and helped to make it happen by giving me the confidence and assurance I needed. I can’t sing her praises enough!


I met Sani through a mutual friend and we became good friends right away. Sani took the time to understand what I was looking to experience with the birth of my third child. She also was able get to know our family personally.

During early labor Sani provided methods to progress my labor as well as emotional support. At the birthing center she assisted me during contractions to lift up my belly and continued to be an emotional support when I felt like I wasn’t as far along as I hoped. She was very sweet and soft spoken, always doing what was best for me.

Sani is a great doula and someone who is a joy to be around. I thank God for placing her and her family into our lives!


There are just not enough words to describe Asantes caring heart and professionalm. All through my pregnancy she was very attentive making sure I didnt have any questions or concerns. Moreover, as we started getting closer to our due date… she was very organized and clear on the instructions/suggestions to ease some of my pain. She has so much peace in her voice that even when I was worried about our baby girl going over her due date, she assured me it would all be ok. Not just with encouraging words, but she also has a lot of knowledge in regards to the female body. Once the time came where I was in labor she was instantly by my side. From affirmative words to great massages. Asante was the best! Never once did she leave my side and she was so carefully balanced through it all. She knew when she needed to be there to help but she also knew when to step aside and give my husband and I a moment. All these expectations or desires we voiced from early on since she was able to bring out these excellent questions to the table. In return, the process went smoothly! Not only did she write everything down in her notebook, but she also went to the hospital BEFORE we went there to meet the doctors, staff and to make sure she could be there during the birth of the baby. Thank you Asante for helping us through this journey! Our little girl is almost two now and I couldnt picture giving birth without my doula Asante!