Asante was such a wonderful support for me throughout my pregnancy and labor! She is friendly and personable, and I felt at ease with her from the moment I met her. I appreciated that she was able to connect with me as a Christian as well – we prayed together on several occasions and she asked several times how she could be praying for me and my family.  Asante’s  naturally calming presence and positive attitude were such an asset in the delivery room. I planned to get an epidural, but it ended up only working on the left half of my body…I was not prepared for this, and didn’t have very many “tools” in my tools box to deal with the pain. Asante was such a huge help in this aspect, talking me through the contractions and helping me to stay calm, relax, and breathe when I needed to. She was also very informed about the stages of labor, and I found it very helpful that she was able to tell me that, for example, the uncontrollable shaking I was experiencing was not only normal (which is all the nurses told me), but a sign that I was transitioning and close to being ready to push…just knowing that my body was getting ready was such an encouragement and motivation. Asante also made a helpful suggestion that I ask the nurse check my progress before I received a boost to try and “fix” my epidural. Sure enough, I was ready to push, and not having that epidural boost made my delivery go so much faster, for which I was beyond thankful. Asante was also a great support to my husband and sister, who were in the delivery room with me. She was a source of information and encouragemt for them as well, and she was able to balance supporting me while still allowing my husband and sister to play their roles in supporting me as well. Overall, I loved having Asante as my doula, and would recommend her to anyone looking for extra support for their next birth