Asante (Sani), was absolutely amazing. From the start she was just an easy person to talk to and ask questions during pregnancy and as the days neared birth. I had two “false alarms” for labor and both times she was so supportive and never made me feel silly because I was a first time mom. Then when the time came for my active labor to begin, she was a trooper! Labor was 32hrs for me and she was amazing throughout! Sani stepped in gracefully when I needed her but knew to step back when I wanted my husband. She worked so well with my birth team and the support throughout labor felt seamless. My husband was so grateful for her as well! Being this the first time, he didn’t always know exactly what to do to support me. Sani not only supported me but supported him in how to help me. Looking back it was beautiful to see the process of having a doula…how Sani supported me heavily in the beginning but as it came time to push, my husband felt confident to recognize my needs and knew how to support me best as she stepped back to let him be there. Having a doula was one of the best things we could’ve done and Sani made my birth an exceptional experience!